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out of business

All American Homes, LLC.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

2831 Dexter Drive
Elkhart, IN 46514
Phone: 574-266-2500
Toll-Free: 866-299-0680

All American Homes, LLC. Description:
"... All American Homes is one of the nation's leading builders of residential systems-built (modular) housing. We have a large network of independent builders that serve homebuyers in most states. We were founded in 1970 and are owned by All American Group ... All American Homes, LLC, through its prominent industry subsidiaries, builds homes under the All American Homes and Mod-U-Kraf brands. The All American Building Systems subsidiary builds large scale residential developments including apartments, condominiums, military barracks and large single family communities ..."

Providing these building styles:
  • Ranch modular homes
  • Colonial modular homes
  • Cape Cod modular homes
  • Multi-Family modular homes

Providing modular homes and buildings in:

Company Background

How Long in Business1970
Yearly Avg. Number of Homes (Est.)Over 400
Professional Organizations/AffiliationsNational Association of Home Builders (NAHB), Building Systems Council (BSC), National Kitchen & Bath Association, Modular Building Systems Association
Design Staff
(Architects & Draftsmen)
12 draftsmen and one architect
Builder NetworkOver 150 independent builders
Location of FactoriesDyersville, IA; Rutherfordton, NC; Rocky Mount, VA
How to Buy a HomeThrough builder network which are trained professionals that will walk you through each step of the construction process.

Construction Details

Building MaterialsWood only. Builder can finish with additional materials
Energy EfficiencyStandard R-19 wall insulation, upgradeable to R-25. House wrap is standard on some models and upgradeable on all others. Ceiling insulation varies.
Construction Timeframe50 to 90 days
Customization FlexibilityAll key items can be customized, kitchen, bathrooms, electrical and more have flexibility and can be customized to the home buyers request.
Amount of FloorplansOver 90 predesigned floorplans.


Avg. Cost per Square Foot$90 to $130
Avg. Transportation CostsVaries by location
Avg. Placement CostsVaries by location
Site PreparationHandled by independent builder


Garage/Deck AvailabilityGarage and decks are offered, some floorplans have them standard.
Possible to Addon to Existing HomeIt is possible
GuaranteesEvery All American home comes with a 10-year structural warranty. Specific products such as windows, faucets, shingles and others may carry additional and separate warranties from the manufacturer.
Delivery Range300 miles from each plant
Number of Factory InspectionsDependent on final delivery location plus quality control reviews performed by All American.
Number of Building Site InspectionsYes, modules are set by All American and inspected.
Information PackageCompleted a five question survey to receive a 12 minute DVD 7 days later. The DVD explains the building process, shows the actual activity in the factory and also covers the home modules being set on its permanent foundation.

Our Review

Editor's Rating
Editorial ReviewAll American Homes is one of the larger modular homes providers in the country. There are questions about their financial stability. It might be best to avoid till the financial situation is resolved. They offer good customizable modular homes that can match any style you like. Their predesigned modular home floorplans range from 900 to 3,000 square feet. They are a good option for anyone looking for a mid-level to upscale home. It is very helpful that their factories are spread across the nation to minimize delivery distance. All American Homes is part of a network of providers that offer custom home solutions. These modular homes will definitely not be mistaken for a mobile home. Their website is very good with alot of information and they quickly responded to our mystery shopper request for a free informational DVD.
Mystery Homebuyer Rating

Personal Reviews of All American Homes, LLC.

Danny from Indiana
We bought a home built in the Decatur, Indiana plant in 1999 and never regretted for a minute, We still live in and love our home. I don't know what happened to the company later, but the workmanship and quality of material and parts is unbeatable. We built a much bigger and better home for the money than we could have any other way. If you get a chance to buy an older model All American built in Indiana, I would not hesitate to do so.

Dave from Missouri
Bankrupt 4x. Rumors of a Champion Homes buyout are FALSE.

ShaunT from Galena, Ill
Company sold yet again...between a former bankruptcy and being sold, very shaky ground in Iowa/Ill..BEWARE I got a timeframe quote on a built home that now is 120 days obsolete.

Jennifer and Dave from Urbana, Iowa
Listed builders have no samples. I tried to get an answer on the front doors available, nobody knew. Tried to get answers on appliance packages available, nobody knew. Asked builder repeatedly about why he had limit to no samples, he finally said the manufacturer never supplied them. Warning signs all over of possible money issues by manf.

Davis and Millie from NE Iowa
Rude. Terrible customer service. Even simple questions are a chore. Cut off 3x after waiting 2x for the call to be answered at all. RUN.

Pam from Eastern Iowa
My friends bought one of these crappy homes built in the Iowa plant. Regretted it from day one.

Brent S from Iowa
Tried to call 'Cathy" in their office, she's been fired. Hearing bad rumors about his place. Cathy would get us answers to our questions...I won't buy one..they already had ch11 once.

Helen from Urbandale, Iowa
I love the designs but the company itself went CH9 once and I am reluctant to trust them again. I have heard rumors of no money again(11/2015) and homes past delivery times. The secretary Kathy seems sweet and convincing. I was touring the factory and I heard a salesperson by the offices, complaining about the company in MN. Not something you want customer to hear. The lady in the office upstairs said, "f-ing deal with it".I was done at that point. 0 stars.

Jim Johnson from IOWA
Be Aware of delays, substituted products and rude order processor and delivery department.

Mark & Tonya Brannan from 3479 J. Johnson, Catawba, NC
Our house was built & delivered on time March 2002, we had terrible weather and still they finish our home and we were able to move in by the end of May 2002. Our builder was awesome and kept us informed the entire time, he worked with us and was very knowledgeable. We were so sorry to hear of his passing. Michael Isenhour - Southern Homes of Granite Falls was our contractor / builder and he is sorely missed. Our best wishes for his wife and daughters and family. He is highly thought of and our prayer is he has his place in heaven.

Linda Lake from Dyersville, Iowa
I worked for this company when it was called "Galaxy Homes" and this was in the late 70', early 80's. There were so many of these homes being built that we had to work overtime during the week and work on Saturday until noon. I left the area in 1987 and eventually it became All American Homes. I went back to see the models that were on display and was "totally" amazed how much more beautiful they were. I do live in Dyersville again and need a job, however, I would prefer selling them. They have come a long way since I worked for them.

Patricia Morrison from Maryland
I'll leave three starts ONLY because the independent contractor, for my daughter's house, was incapable of building anything...much less a my opinion. My husband and I looked through an All American home and found it well constructed. I'm sad to say, All American still has my daughter's contractor listed as continuing to represent All American...even after they involved All American in more than one law suit. It appears the company VIP's names have changed since I began speaking with them. Is it under new ownership? "Patricia from MD"

Sherrie from Kentucky
You guys that are having so much trouble why did you not contact an Attorney or your State General Attorney's Office in your State. Maybe this is why they are out of business now. If you had warranties I don't understand why you would wait. The build is still responsible for his mess ups in business or not.,. This happened to my son's home and over 100 homes had to be fixed. They had to get all their things out of their house when it was there time to have their home fixed but it was worth it to have all those home issues fixed and done right. And believe me they all got fixed right. The State was on them till they did..This was in California.

Cyndi Bliss from Ohio
I love the house but feel there were too many corners cut on what was put into it. My counter top started staining after a couple of years and the sinks in both bathrooms have started rusting. The sink in the bathroom that we very seldom use has the finish coming off completely with large rust spots. Other than that we love the floor plan.

Joanna from IL from Macomb, IL
This whole experience has nothing less than destroyed everything we have worked so hard for. We have been living in someone else's home for almost 2 years due to the horrible lack of communication and disconnect between our builder and the company. Every step of the way has been like pulling teeth. We at one point were going to bow out and lose 11,000 in a down payment just because we had so little trust in the company. We now wish we had done so. Here we are...with two small boys in someone else's home and all we have is a foundation waiting for All-American to get our house built. It is February and we officially submitted our blueprints after months of their screw ups in December. We called our builder yesterday to find out that they have shut the factory down and laid off workers because there were not enough orders coming in....! Ummmm- what about finishing the one you have (ours)? We have no idea when they plan on finishing the house so that it can be delivered. If I could have given them negative stars I would have. I also checked. I also plan on contacting the head of the company to find out what plans they have to rectify the situation....As far as abiding by the Community Interaction Policy for this site- I did my best.

Rebekah Johnson from Shelby,NC
All-American Homes are the best build modular homes available to the public. The homes build at the plant in North Carolina are of the upmost construction and quality. These homes with stand 150mph winds and are build with #1 quality material. If you are looking for a modular home of great care and effort toward its construction, try All-American Homes built in the foothills of North Carolina. Rutherforton, NC.

Steve from LaGrange
Today we had a chance to view 3 new models being built on a golf course in LaGrange. It was a great experience from the minute we walked in and were met by a gentleman who treated us like he knew us for years and he was very helpful and considerate of our needs. He was able to answer all of our questions and concerns and spent a lot of time explaining the process. Neither my wife nor I understand this process. He walked us around and explained in great detail the benefits of this type of construction versus a custom builder and it was obvious he believes in what he is selling. I would suggest anyone that is looking to build a new home stop by and talk to him first, he was also able to give us advice on financing our new home and what payments would be!!!

Dan Beltz from sleepy eye Minnesota
had to replace shingles after 8 years at my expense. When the weather gets cold we get frost on the walls inside the home. The windows have drafts. Do not buy there flooring because it's all poor quality. totally not happy with their home would not buy again.

BOB FANTOZZ from Sandusky, Ohio
I bought my house in 1991,everything has been great , any problems they took care of it. The front door was bad they replaced it after 5 years at no cost and it's the door with 2 side lites. Had a drain problem when we first moved in fixed the problem and redid the whole laundry room. After a few years we found out CertainTeed shingles were bad. CertainTeed replaced the shingles only. All American paid to have them put on, by my contractor. So I would buy again. As the driver said the day they brought our home, (I'd like to see what a stick house would look like after pulling 200 miles down the road at 60mph.)So our house is great and IM 48 years old and I plan on dyeing here and my kid can have it then

donna Neal from Middletown Ohio
my kitchen counter has holes coming up thru them, my siding has gaps in them, my dealer went out of business no one will help me

Neshama from Boulder, CO
I am very impressed that All American Homes has added a new line of near net-zero homes to their offerings. This shows their commitment to our reducing our carbon footprint and living more sustainably. The new line is created by Solar Village Homes which has a cool looking built community in Longmont, CO, near where I live, plus they are creating a new Solar Village in Fort Collins, CO.

Greg from Virginia
Way to go All American Homes!! We love our home and I just finished the top level of our cape cod!! We bought our house three years ago, and the quality is terrific!! I highly recommend All American for your modular company. The only complaint I have was not with All American, but with the independent contractor that was available to us. He was terrible and very unprofessional!! Actually, All American had to send their people to our house twice to fix the things that the independent contractor wouldn't. If the independent contractor wouldn't fix it, then one of his men would destroy things in an attempt to remedy problems that we were having with things like sewer line, carpeting, siding, etc. The unfortunate part is that this contractor is still affiliated with All American and I tell people here in VA to stay clear from this contractor and go to another district independent contractor for an All American home!! All American, you rock, but the independent contractor we used couldn't build a dog house correctly!!

Cynthia Tsoukalas from Munith, MI
We have owned our home for 5 years. We love it!!!! We had a great experience with the builder and are 100% satisfied with the home and builder. We plan one building one for our retirement home in the future. Our home is about 1980 sq ft. with a basement that is about 900 sq. ft. It is absolutely beautiful and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

David Schenk from Foley, Minnesota
I am a former owner of an All American home. I purchased my home in 1998. I truly found the workmanship and quality of your product to be superior to other homes built in my area. I would certainly endorse your product at anytime. I sold my home 4 years after my initial purchase and was very pleased with the increased value of my home.

Dennis from IN
I am living in my second All American Home after selling our first one for almost double what we paid for it. When we decided to sell, I knew that building again was the only way and All American Homes was what I wanted to build. The quality and workmanship is second to none and almost any change I wanted to make was "doable". When I am ready to downsize, All American will be my choice again without a doubt.

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